The Key to Creating Financial Security

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Check out the link below from Brian Tracy’s blog about none other than creating financial security. It’s not quite a how to; but for those of us who are new to business, trying to go after our dreams, or simply just out of the loop, it’s an inspirational what to that will give your brain a push to get thinking.

While reading I’ve decided I will train myself in areas where I can excel without formal education. I’ve gained a lot of information in the last few years of my life. Thanks to the internet, I’ve been able to learn much of what I know without a teacher. I’m inspired to go further in a self learning, self developing classroom and give my potential and earning power a boost. I hope this post resonates with you the way it did me. Enjoy!


6 Reasons You Should Not Make Direct Sales about Riches

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Direct sales, known by many other names, is growing more popular among those looking to recession proof their household.  Instead of taking a second job,  millions of people have chosen a direct selling home business as the means to supplement household income.  Some succeed in taking what appears as a small business and develops a large empire, some succeed in supplementing income regularly, others plain flop.  I learned in the last couple of years in my journey as a home business entrepreneur; direct sales cannot promise one riches just as it doesn’t assume failure.  One fails by giving up, as another succeeds by learning and persevering.  Either way, the most successful people in direct sales did not start out with the intentions of becoming rich.  The richest people in direct sales began with the idea of helping out their home financially, helping other people do the same, and having fun while doing so.  That being said, if direct sales is in your interest, take heed to six reasons your agenda should forgo getting rich.       More

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