How to Find a Real Woman

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Recently Facebook has turned into a social therapy filled with posters of love, courage, and inspiration.  Although scrolling through my feed filled with oversized pictures of “words of wisdom” from strangers can get a little annoying, there are times when I find something worth pausing for and reading.  However, this “Real Woman” wisdom has been bothering me the most lately.  Not really sure why.  Perhaps it’s because as I go through learning how to love myself, make better choices, and be more responsible I’ve come to an understanding that there is no such thing as a “Real Woman.” 


Recognize How The Law of Attraction Works

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Cover of "You Are What You Think"These days more people are on a spiritual, self-aware journey than ever known before.  Personally I have become more aware of things I was oblivious to my first 30 years of life.  For instance, I did not understand how my thoughts worked in the land of self creation and attraction.  I had no idea there is a law to attraction.  No one ever told me my thoughts determine my life (and if they did, I clearly didn’t listen).  I had always known actions are responsible for part of the existence we live.  If you do nothing but sit on a couch watching television, nothing but television will come to you.  If you work hard, wisely, long, and without ceasing, success comes to you.  Good begets good and bad begets bad.  It wasn’t until I began to step out of my norm did I learn the truth about our world.  God created the earth and man.  Man creates the world around him.  But we base our actions on our thoughts which determines our life’s return of interest.


How to Find Real Treasure

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When I wake up in the morning reading the bible verse for the day through my phone app is usually my first act since my phone is already in hand from turning off the alarm.  I don’t typically sit and study the bible and this daily verse is a great way for me to get my daily bread.  Besides, the app has a variation of translations so I can get the best understanding possible – unlike simply trying to read the King James Version without knowledge of the language from his era.

Today’s verse was from Colossians 3:1-2.

 If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God.

Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.  I think if these verses were clear enough for me to understand without translation, surely anyone else can.  But if not, here’s the gist of what it means.  More

Declaration of Independence

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On this the twenty fourth day of the fifth month in the year two thousand and eleven I hereby acknowledge my independence from suffering, pity and weakness. From this day forward I am awarded my freedom. I am free to be successful. I am free to be confident. I am free to be loved. I am free to serve my God in anyway HE desires. I am free to be wealthy, healthy, and wise. I am free to be the me God my Father designed.  

From this day forward I will no longer be dependent. I will no longer go without. I will no longer be a weakling in mind and spirit. I will no longer have to ask for help from selfish people. I will no longer have to look to man for my needs and desires. I will no longer have to live with the unkind at heart and spirit. I will no longer be bound to the chains of negativity. I will no longer be a victim of another’s past. I will no longer be a victim of my own past. I will no longer fight the battle of the weary, worn, scared and lost. 

From this day forward I will be a provider. I will be bold, confident, and relentless in my works. I will surround myself with positive and hungry people. I will surround myself with people who have the same desires as myself. I will surround myself with overachievers not underachievers. I will surround myself with love, joy, and happiness. God will surround me with peace and wisdom. God my Father is my way. He provides all my needs. I am rich in the same way my father in heaven is rich. I deserve everything he has put aside for me and from this day forward I will step into my inheritance. I will walk into my season. I am free to be independent. 

Feel FREE to change the date in this declaration to whatever date in time you choose to make yourself FREE!

God’s Message

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The message of God never changes, its always been the same

Though our faith we’re always rearranging he’s always been there in love

Though through the times we’ve tried to appeal to the masses, the appeal to our souls he’s never exchanged

Yesterday, Today, and Forever more he’s been the same and will always be

Yesterday, Today, and Forever more he’s expected the covenant with his people to remain

Yet it is us who try to reinvent him

It is us who try to play him down

It is us who try to go against him

It is us who try to bend his laws 

It is us who try to ignore his authority

However, thankfully, the God I serve is the same yesterday, today, and forever more

His expectations quite simple, but his love a little complex

Strong willed, determined, strict, and bold, but loving, giving, compassionate and caring,

The God of this earth is beyond classification

Still his message is so simple and it applies to every one young and old

Everyone boy and man, girl and woman

Put no one before him, love him with all your heart, follow his instruction, keep him first in your life and look to him for your purpose so that he may direct your path

Because as most of us learned the hard way, our own direction leads to destruction, but God’s gift is eternal life

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