Recognize How The Law of Attraction Works

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Cover of "You Are What You Think"These days more people are on a spiritual, self-aware journey than ever known before.  Personally I have become more aware of things I was oblivious to my first 30 years of life.  For instance, I did not understand how my thoughts worked in the land of self creation and attraction.  I had no idea there is a law to attraction.  No one ever told me my thoughts determine my life (and if they did, I clearly didn’t listen).  I had always known actions are responsible for part of the existence we live.  If you do nothing but sit on a couch watching television, nothing but television will come to you.  If you work hard, wisely, long, and without ceasing, success comes to you.  Good begets good and bad begets bad.  It wasn’t until I began to step out of my norm did I learn the truth about our world.  God created the earth and man.  Man creates the world around him.  But we base our actions on our thoughts which determines our life’s return of interest.



The Key to Creating Financial Security

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Check out the link below from Brian Tracy’s blog about none other than creating financial security. It’s not quite a how to; but for those of us who are new to business, trying to go after our dreams, or simply just out of the loop, it’s an inspirational what to that will give your brain a push to get thinking.

While reading I’ve decided I will train myself in areas where I can excel without formal education. I’ve gained a lot of information in the last few years of my life. Thanks to the internet, I’ve been able to learn much of what I know without a teacher. I’m inspired to go further in a self learning, self developing classroom and give my potential and earning power a boost. I hope this post resonates with you the way it did me. Enjoy!

College Education a Conspiracy Related to Silver and Gold

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Take an hour of your precious time to watch this interesting YouTube video. Tell me what you think. Without giving too much away, I think there are some valid points regarding higher education, being a person who attempted college twice and just ended up with unpaid loans. But I couldn’t help get the feeling all the attention to the student loan deficit and the hoax of a college education in hopes of getting a high paying job afterwards was just to sell viewers on purchasing from the organization responsible for the video. You decide. Is the video here to serve and educate the people or to serve the organization masked with educating the people?

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