Photo Courtesy of Morgue File

Aside from a few years ago when my ex-husband and I attended free movie screenings like a part-time job, I recently found myself going back to the movie theater more often than the days of my teens.  Although our movie tastes match like plaid and polka dots, we enjoy our time in a dark room in front of the big screen and it’s not just because he pays.  He enjoys the theater and his beloved action adventure and I love a good laugh.  Tomorrow we have a date to see another movie we may or may not agree on, but whether we agree is not my issue.

My issue with going back to the movies is not what to watch, but why?  There was a time when the movie theater cost less than a gallon of gas and previews were as exciting and highly anticipated as the last day of school.  People used to plan trips to the theater. I’ll never forget enthusiastically going to see Scary Movie with a group of girlfriends and literally ending up ROTFL (Rolling on the floor laughing) at the first scene.  Is that kind of movie goer experience gone with script originality?  These days I find myself more excited about finishing the large popcorn and drink for free refills than I am about these ginormous flop-busters called entertainment.  And to top it off, someone wants me to pay $8 or more for almost two hours of nothing but car crashes, exploding buildings, and unbelievably unrealistic stunts that keep a stunt person’s mother quivering in her boots.

For those capable of tossing around money like sand blowing in the wind, I’m sure an $8 to $12 per person movie hardly amounts to petty cash consideration.  And when that type of financial status comes for me, I’ll do like the rest of the green slingers and just put a theater in my home.  But now, for me and the rest of the working class recession survivors, spending almost $30 to enter the movie theater, then another 20 plus dollars to snack is plain robbery.  To top it off, most theater seats are too uncomfortable and close together for a true enjoyable experience.  Or perhaps the real discomfort comes from knowing after the movie you may need to borrow money from a family member or friend to survive until payday.

Still, amid all my disgust I find myself patronizing movie theaters regularly; first for the price of concession (thanks to free movie screenings) then mostly at the request of another.  However, I respect the movie studio’s plans to release horrible movies in the theaters and keep them patronized all while keeping pirates from taking a great deal of the movie money.  They simply added a feature that cannot yet be duplicated….3D.

Photo Courtesy of Morgue File

I don’t care what the movie is, if it’s in 3D, I’m interested.  I love 3D and welcome the opportunity to view it in any genre except horror (I do like sleeping at night).  3D makes even the worse script and acting stimulating and exciting.  As a matter of fact I love 3D so much I actually wanted to see movies like Step Up 3D just to see those kicks, flips and spins appear lifelike before me (don’t worry I resisted that urge).  I was almost taken in by those Disney kids too (Hannah Montana and that darn Bieber boy – I know he’s not Disney).  But 3D brings out the child in me and makes trips to the movie theater thrilling again.  I get so giddy at the thought of the graphics and realism getting ready to emerge before me.  I sit on the edge of my seat simply waiting to hear these words after every trailer “In 3D and IMAX.”  Then, and only then am I happy to spend my money going to the movies.