I’m currently participating in a 30 day blog challenge hosted by Michelle Shaeffer. She designed the challenge to increase blog and writing skills, following and cyber-voice.  Today I must search for topics because unlike as Michelle promised, the daily topic ideas left her email with pure intentions of arriving in my email and giving me the inspiration I need to blog but decided to ditch showing up in my email.  In Michelle’s place I learned of a weekly challenge hosted by none other than WordPress.  Now things get interesting and I’m even more excited about blogging!

Not only will I finally have a writing topic for the third day of the Ultimate blog challenge, but I get to play word games with WordPress using the only way I have always spoken and written; metaphors and similes (mostly metaphors, but it really doesn’t matter…does it?).  Anyhow, it wasn’t until I began writing for more than a passing grade did I realize what I thought was a weird way of speaking, and my ability to notice writing errors and horrible storytelling was just my inbred writer.  I learned that unlike school, true writing has no rules and when it comes from the heart, people love, honor and cherish it more than wedding vows between adulterers.

I’ll never forget in grammar school writing was a task like spring cleaning the entire house.  Honestly, I would have chosen washing dishes over writing a paper, mostly because where I lived came equipped with a dishwasher so dish washing was easy as pie 😉

I made this pumpkin pie for Michelle and my's ...

(More metaphors and similes courtesy of WordPress).

However, I later learned no matter how hard we try, we cannot run from the destiny designed for us.

Whether you believe in a higher power who created all things living or not, it makes no difference, there is a purpose found in all things and I recently realized my purpose is to get everything off my chest using my natural and learned writing skills.  I learned writing not only helps the writer, but the beauty of storytelling is how it helps others.  The words coming out of my mouth (or my keyboard) will actually help someone else feel encouragement, joy, inspiration, love and so much more.  Knowing someone felt positive, empowered or educated from my blog and article writing gives me pure joy and pride (not the sinful kind).

In the past, figuring out how to begin writing was my biggest challenge.  Today my biggest challenge is finding a successful writing niche.  It’s only been about four years since words to my first song came spewing from my lips as if I had been hearing the tune on the radio all day.  Yet, though time passes swiftly and my writing skill steadily develops, I still feel like a new employee on the job with no training.  When I began writing I wanted some help, a class, a mentor, something/someone to tell me “This is how you do it.”  But it turned out I was wrong.  I only needed to write, write then write some more.

With the exception of grammar and spelling that doesn’t make your work look like you let a five-year old play editor, there is no method to the madness of writing.  Since I stopped being afraid to share my work with the world, I’ve gotten more sincere compliments than a first place pageant baby.  That makes me proud.  Now that I’ve gotten over the initial fear of letting people read what I have to say, I’m proud of my voice.  I’m proud of my cyber-voice and the one coming to a book, stage and movie screen near you.