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Direct sales, known by many other names, is growing more popular among those looking to recession proof their household.  Instead of taking a second job,  millions of people have chosen a direct selling home business as the means to supplement household income.  Some succeed in taking what appears as a small business and develops a large empire, some succeed in supplementing income regularly, others plain flop.  I learned in the last couple of years in my journey as a home business entrepreneur; direct sales cannot promise one riches just as it doesn’t assume failure.  One fails by giving up, as another succeeds by learning and persevering.  Either way, the most successful people in direct sales did not start out with the intentions of becoming rich.  The richest people in direct sales began with the idea of helping out their home financially, helping other people do the same, and having fun while doing so.  That being said, if direct sales is in your interest, take heed to six reasons your agenda should forgo getting rich.      

Positive Attitude (comics)

Positive Attitude (comics) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Attitude

Everyone over the age of five has heard the phrase, “Attitude is everything,” at least once from someone.  Well, it appears if for nothing else, they were right about that thing.  One of the reasons Muhammad Ali is known as a great fighter is the attitude of unbeatable greatness he adopted.

Attitude IS everything when choosing to become a direct seller.  If you’re like me, an introvert, you definitely may want to rethink direct selling.  Most importantly, you may want to rethink direct selling as a means of gaining riches if you’re an introvert and acquiring your riches mainly comes by learning how to employ the efforts of other people.

One of the first rules of gaining riches is your attitude, believing you deserve them.  Sadly, without even realizing it, most of us who desire greatness subconsciously find ways to talk ourselves out of believing we deserve more.  Originally, I couldn’t understand why to go where I want my life to head, I needed the very people I spent years trying to stay away from.  But that’s what it all came down to; my attitude about people, how I chose to relate to them, and how I thought they would relate to me.  Those thoughts I had were road blocks because they kept me from seeking the right attitude which would have made some changes to my work ethic much more quickly.  Not only did I have to rearrange my long-time attitude about people, I had to begin purging my mind of all its negative thoughts about money, success, and what I deserve in this earthly life.

2. Connections


I take pride in feeling like I know just a bit more information than the average person, just a little, although I always consider myself average.  But another oh so proven and familiar phrase goes, “It’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know.”  And in the words of great leader, motivator, and entrepreneur Jim Rohn, ” You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  Straight shooting words for someone who has always felt average, but never desired being average.  However, my attitude about myself, people, money, and life in general put me as the average of the most pitiful surroundings one can encounter.

It wasn’t until I began gaining knowledge of self, spirituality and business did I realize I had never had enough guts or knowledge to surround myself with successful, wise, knowledgeable, and connected people.  Note: To my friends and family; this is not a bash of who you are in your life or my life.  This is a moment of truth concerning the choices I’ve made to drive the car of my life on a long, dreary, drawn out detour to my desired destination.  Let’s face it, connections mean everything.  When you’ve spent the youth of your years cutting off your connections and blocking people from seeing your personality and character, it becomes hard to jump out into the world and say, “I’m ready to sell you something, whose ready to buy?”  After all, when you have no connections, who can you call after mom and dad?

3. Reality

“I Wanna be Rich,” by Calloway one of my favorite songs (sorry young folks).  Even as a  little girl, I knew that’s what I wanted for my life.  How I would get it was always the question.  My original thought was to become a doctor; that way I could be rich and indispensable.  But with my work ethic and my lack of love for school, becoming a doctor grew further and further away from my heart.

One day while working a dead-end job, someone introduced me to the world of direct sales.  My original introduction to the industry was about making a few extra dollars while I worked my day job.  But later on, I got introduced to the idea of working diligently for five years or less and having the privilege of retiring before the age of 40.  Who wouldn’t love that idea?  But the reality is, not everyone is ready for riches in a short period of time (hence all the soon after dead broke lottery winners).  Lord knows I don’t just want money to throw away frivolously.  I want money to throw away frivolously after giving away money to invest in my future generations and giving away money in whatever ways touch my heart.  I want to help a lot of people, but not in a Steve Martin in “The Jerk” kind of way (Hilarious movie by the way).

What I realized with direct selling was, again, my attitude was all wrong, about money, work ethic, relationships, business and so much more.  I couldn’t expect money to begin falling out of the sky when I had 1. just begun working an unfamiliar industry 2. didn’t understand how one develops riches.  So the reality of my direct sales experience is baby steps.  Besides, with recent revelations of my purpose and gifts on earth, I’m inclined to believe my riches are not in direct sales, but direct sales is an avenue to prepare me for greater things in my life i.e. bigger and better connections.

4.  Skills logo

Believe it or not, direct sales is marketing.  Good marketing means good business.  But the problem most people have with direct selling is the lack of understanding of the skill set required to survive, let alone excel in the industry.  It’s not what most people won’t tell you, it’s what most people don’t know they should tell you.  Jobs train, athletes train, every professional trains and many never stop training and developing.  Direct sales require a special skill set to find any kind of calculated success because you are the marketer, advertiser, consumer, wholesaler, etc.  You are the one in charge of all the departments usually called the middlemen.  Those are the people who make it easier for the consumer to get to a companies’ products because they each specialize in a skill that makes profits real, and necessary if they want to get paid by a company.  Therefore, if direct selling condenses all those titles into your job description as a seller, wouldn’t it make sense for you to know how to do the most important aspects of those various jobs?  I don’t only think so, I know so.

Most direct sellers do not realize, skill is a requirement of the job.  Yes, you work from home. Yes, you chose the industry and it was not thrust upon you.  Yes, a good company offers you great tools to get you on the move.  Yes, you are solely responsible for your success.  But the industry is not a free for all.  One simply cannot thrive without proper knowledge of how to work their home business.  There’s a method to the madness, and the real riches found in the industry is not only in understanding and practicing those methods, but teaching others to understand and practice them as well.

5. Work Ethic

One of my mentors, Saterial Harris, a man of great attitude, skill and connection always says, ” We go to work everyday hating our jobs, doing just enough not to get fired, while they pay just enough to keep us from quitting.”  Unfortunately, I think it’s that backwards thinking that gives most of us the work ethic we have.  All entrepreneurs can assure you lazy is not an option.  The fact of the matter is, most of us are lazy people, wanting something for nothing.  That’s why all over the country in the last few years, employees shaped up or shipped out as my father likes to say.  Companies began realizing they were paying people for more than nothing and began looking to minimize costs.  But as my mentor also says, “Direct sales is the only industry that pays a person what they are truly worth.”  The scales of a job will never be equal in that aspect.  That being said, one simply cannot take the “job mentality” work ethic into the industry of direct sales and expect honest, sustainable success.

Completely lazy produces no results.  Mildly lazy produces minimal results.  What I learned is my half-ass, prettied up with a bow, way of doing things all my life does not work in direct sales.  Not only was I setting myself up for failure with my lackadaisical attitude and actions, but with no skill set to match, I was heading for a detour on the detour to my divinely designed destination.  The truth about a direct sales business is a person can join completely oblivious to skills, product, company and more and find great success based on great work ethic, yet, doing it all wrong as the professionals would say.  Take that same person and add some skills to their high quality work ethic and their success will soar through the roof.

6. Time

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“Time won’t give me time,” gotta love Boy George and the Culture Club (sorry if you were born in the 80s and don’t understand all my 80s and beyond references.  Google them).  Who has the time to wait for riches tomorrow when most of us needed riches yesterday?  It seems like no one who is already caught up in the financial struggle has time to wait on success.  The funny thing is, most traditional businesses don’t even see a profit for five or more years after opening, if they make it that far.  But, In direct sales, most people can honestly say they made a profit off their investment within the first 30 days or so depending on the product and companies’ compensation plan.  Still, where are the riches?  That takes time, and if time is something you don’t have, income supplementation should suffice until you have the time to put in the kind of work required for greater success.  Even better, many direct sales success stories focused so dearly on supplementing income and helping others do the same, those people found themselves  floating on riches in what seemed like no time at all.