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I dedicate this post to all the men and women pissed at or envious of Vanessa Bryant’s settlement in her recent divorce proceedings from basketball star, Kobe Bryant.  Well, some say she doesn’t deserve it.  Some say she planned to stay with him just so she could get a 75 million dollar settlement.  Some like me, share the feeling of carelessness.  I’m sure Kobe is not as upset as some of the people I see who are openly blasting the future ex for getting, not what she may deserve, but what California law says Kobe owes her.  It’s not Vanessa’s fault Kobe felt he didn’t need a prenuptial agreement.  It’s not her fault California law is what it is (a community property state).  Heck it’s not her fault they live in California.  And I can’t say whose fault it is they are even getting divorced, but I do know from personal experience, relationship issues are never one-sided.  So I’d hate for people to just assume Vanessa sat innocently victimized for 10 years, unless the relationship included abuse.  In that case, I would hope 75 million dollars would not be worth staying in a dangerous marriage.

I don’t understand what the anger and fuss is really about.  The law in California is not new and I like to believe it exists mainly because it’s a state where many celebrities exist in matrimony with each other, whether earned before or during the marriage.  I also believe that settlement only affects a number of people I could count on my hands, therefore, outside opinions and frustrations make no difference anyway.  But this is not about what a woman deserves when she divorces her husband.  This is about the naivety of a young star who assumed his love was forever and took no thought to the fact that maybe she wouldn’t have talked to him without his star status (she was allegedly a video girl).  Maybe their love wouldn’t last til death parted them.  Maybe they weren’t ready for marriage at their young age.   Now I know that’s very pessimistic, but when you’re a celebrity and you meet people who have little or no celebrity status, their decision to marry you becomes questionable.  That’s not to say celebrities don’t or can’t find long-lasting , real love.  But both Kobe and his wife were very young when they met and although he may not have been worth $150 million dollars back then, he was worth enough to make any young girls eyes bat.

So my questions are, who are all the angry people really mad at?  Who should they be mad at?  Why should anyone but Kobe be mad?  People are really mad at the situation of the divorce settlement because they don’t think Vanessa “earned” what she’s getting and no man should have to give a woman half of his earnings in a separation.  They should feel mad at California’s law and Kobe for not protecting his future.  No one, but Kobe has the right to feel upset because losing $75 million dollars to a woman he could have loved and respected enough to make his marriage real and long-lasting is only between the Bryants and no one else.  So, if Kobe isn’t mad at the cost of his mistakes and even if he is, can anyone else be justifiably upset? I say no.  The only thing that truly upsets me is what this whole thing is actually about, yet another marriage taken for granted and dissolved.

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