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Recently, since I’m not getting younger, I’ve been on a kick to get more fit and into shape.  Not having extra money to join a gym I’ve found great value in my $70 a month cable service with Comcast Xfinity On Demand.  In the sports and fitness section found on the main menu is a surplus of fitness programs nicely categorized and designed to help you shape up every part of your body.  Although unlimited access to these videos exist, the downside to using On Demand for exercise is you may find one of your favorite workout shows has an expiration date.  Many shows offered On Demand eventually expire, meaning viewers no longer have the “free” access to them (if you’re paying for cable it’s more like a package extra).  But here are six reasons to work out in front of your television.

1. Membership is already in your budget

I’m aware of the various fitness organizations available, especially in a big city like Chicago, but the fact is they cost money. Some of them cost a lot of money while others have reasonable monthly prices. However, when you’re in a state of building an income through a home business, until you reach the point where that income surpasses all your expenses, similar to a low paying job, there’s no such thing as extra money. So, since my husband likes the cable enough to keep it and I’m beginning to like it as well, I will use it to the best of my ability, maxing out on all of its free services that are already included in my monthly bill anyway.

2. More options mean less boredom

I mentioned On Demand has graciously categorized the exercise programs easily allowing you to determine what you want to work on and how you want to work on it. On Demand lists every category from abs to working out with weights. Once you get over the excitement of browsing through all the categories, each program description tells you how much time you’ll exercise and in many cases the exercises involved.  With all the options, you have countless days of exercise variety to keep you focused on small healthier body goals.

3. Become a lean mean couch potato

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You’re sitting on the couch watching TV anyway. Why not take some time to get off the couch and get some blood flowing through your body without ever taking your eyes of your beautiful flat screen. Research shows exercise enhances many things from energy to sleep. And with many On Demand exercise programs timed at five minutes or less you can exercise quickly and get right back to your regularly scheduled program, on the couch, flipping channels.

4. You now have to find an Awesome excuse not to exercise

The programs are available, the television is on, you have the time, there’s nothing else on TV anyway. So what’s the excuse?  You have no REAL reason not to exercise; especially if you have the TV all to yourself. So stop giving yourself carpel tunnel by holding the remote flipping through the same channels. Just a few minutes a day or a few minutes at a time in one day is all you need to get in shape, according to fitness experts.

5. Quit anytime, No penalties

The most beautiful thing about On Demand programs is the ability to play, pause, forward, rewind and STOP (hence the name On Demand). Many times, I tried an exercise program and found it was too easy, too advanced or too boring for me to go any further. But as people say, “you never know until you try.” So try as many programs as you like, and if you’re not satisfied, stop right where you are and move to a new program without concern. There’s no line, no wait, no contract changes, no excuses.

6. Wear whatever you want: You be the judge

I have heard too many people who desire to lose weight or get fit talk about not wearing athletic gear to exercise clubs for fear of ridicule and judgment. Well, when you work out at home in front of the TV nobody cares how you look in spandex. I don’t even own exercise clothing so many times I’m working out in a t-shirt and jeans or shorts. I don’t care what I wear as long as it’s comfortable for me and no ones looking (unless I have the curtains open).

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