Although always observed on a Monday, this weekend was the birthday of civil rights leader Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  His most famous “I Have a Dream” speech spoke of things people of his time thought impossible, let alone sensible.  He spoke of simple things such as the races getting along, but none the less, he spoke of things to come, not things that would never happen.  That’s what the heart of the civil rights movement was all about, working towards dreams by fueling them with passions for desires.  Regardless of how long it takes to get there and whether or not you have the support of the majority, our dreams are not meant to remain dreams.  Dreams are meant to become reality.  And the reality is if Dr. King were here to see the children of his children living in a world that he and his children could never have experienced, he would definitely be pleased with the work he and countless others put in to make his dream reality.  But what about your dreams. Who is in charge of sabotaging the dreams you had as a child or even as an adult?  Is it you or do you allow others that pleasure?

Dr. Martin Luther King’s – I Have a Dream Speech

What we don’t realize is dreams mean to propel people, not hinder them; therefore, by allowing challenges and obstacles to keep us from going after the dreams of our lives, we’re not fulfilling the purpose of our existence.  I don’t know your purpose on this earth and you don’t know mine, but one thing I do know is life reveals our purpose through the dreams we have.  I’m not talking about the dream to visit Disneyland or Paris, but dreams of change, fulfillment and giving.  Just imagine, where would the world be without all the people such as Dr. King pushing towards the dreams they had for the world?  How much longer would that dream have to wait to come true if Dr. King decided he wasn’t fit for the movement, or he and all the others decided to listen to the naysayers? Even though many dreamers don’t get to see the overall effect the birth of their dreams had on the world, that doesn’t stop the dream from coming to life, living for ever and inspiring others to dream of change.  One thing I learned about the dreams we have for our lives is they already believe in us but they are waiting on us to believe in them first.