Courtesy of YouTube 

Watch the older woman in this YouTube video.  She is cute, not so much hilarious, but she has a certain appeal to her.  I think that appeal comes from her inhibition to “make a fool of herself”.  At first the video annoyed me until I realized the courage it takes to do something unexpected of you or to follow the leads of other successful people as my mentor says.  It is clear younger people coach the woman, maybe her children or grandchildren, but this is not about seniors being taken advantage of.

This is about people opening up their minds and releasing their inhibitions to just live, have fun, help someone else and take advantage of a changing world.
  Although to many sensible people this is an exploitation, I view it as a woman jumping on an opportunity.  I don’t know the woman personally, so I can’t say what she is missing in her life.  I do respect her free-spirited thinking to say, “yes, I’ll help you guys do a silly video for all the world to see”.  And if you don’t look at the video as an older woman being made a fool of, but as an older woman whose idea of fun is not bound by her age and the culture of time that raised her, then the video is more entertaining and inspiring than offensive.

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