I said it and I mean it. I will never try again! I recently interacted with life coach and business strategist, Larvetta Loftin who taught me one of the most important lessons I’ll ever learn, “Trying is Lying”.

She told me those words the day I told her I’ll try to work on using her services. Deep down I felt a little like a child when she corrected me, but from a grown up perspective, she was 100% correct. She was correct in redirecting my hindering thought process. She was correct in what she said. Whether she created the phrase or borrowed it from someone else, she was correct.

Thinking back, trying is definitely lying. Walk with me to see how true that is. Let us visit all the times someone told you they’d “Try” to do or become something. It doesn’t matter what the situation; an invitation, a date, any particular act you asked of someone who disregarded you enough as a human being to lie to you and themselves by saying “I’ll Try”. And if you think hard enough, you can even recall at the time the tone in their voice or words as fake. I’ve learned to tell people I already know “I’ll Try” means no so its okay to just say no. But people honestly think they’re protecting your feelings and their self-interest by using the phrase “I’ll Try”, that horrible phrase. Well if you’re reading this, you now know better and will benefit from doing better.

Ask yourself how often one create success by trying? It’s not trying that creates success, its acting that creates success. Actions do speak louder than words so look back at all the times you’ve “tried” and see how many successes you’ve had. Now think back on all the times you’ve acted and the successes coming from those times. I bet the fruit or your acts outweigh your tries.

I’ve concluded that trying is for losers, phonys, and the broke minded. Doing is for winners, leaders, and the prosperous. No longer am I bound by trying to do something, trying to figure things out, trying to understand, trying to show up, trying to be present, trying to succeed. No longer am I bound by “trying”. A great network marketer Todd Falcone says “If you want to be successful DO what the Doers DO and DON’T DO what the DON’TERS DO!” A hilarious and profound statement as one begins to learn what to do and not to do to become the success he or she dreams.

Dreams do come true when you stop “trying” like the DON’TERS and start Acting! like the DOERS.