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I recently learned that complaining is for the miserable and the lazy.  I used to complain about my neighbors, my husband, my job, my life.  It didn’t matter what it was, if things werent’ going the way I wanted; I complained.  But my CEO says “I can start to change the world by first making a change in MY life”.  So instead of complaining my way to nowhere, which neither helps me or anyone else; I decided to make a healthy mentality change.

Although in my life my desires and goals have yet to be seen, one fact has developed since I made the healthy mentality choice: I am in position to make the change in my life most people still dream about.  I now have the ball in my court because I have made a choice.  I have made a choice to work harder for myself than I ever did any job and most importantly, I vow to make a serious change to the way I view my environment. 

When one can’t find happiness or solace in the simplest of things a serious problem exists. Not saying that’s my problem now but that used to be my problem.  I thought if I just had this kind of job, lived here, married this kind of man, did this, said that, blah, blah, blah, the complaints never ended.  I actually thought If I just…would make my life better. Instead if I had just decided to stop complaining and start searching for solutions to the things I didn’t like or want, I would’ve made a serious change in my life long before I got married and had a child.  My life would’ve been different before I turned 30 and not after.  And believe me, none of that is a complaint, its simply an observation of what’s true about my previous thinking. Looking at my life now I’m grateful for everything I’ve experienced, everywhere I’ve been, every person I’ve met. Why? Because those things were designed to shape me into the WHO I am now.

Initially upon writing this post my thoughts got a little scrambled and I put the post on hold for a few days.  I was able to come back to writing with the help of a great network marketing professional named Eric Worre.  He made a short video titled “Don’t Complain About What You Allow”  

That video title fit right into the thought that stirred into my head the other day while I listened to my husband complain.  Every time he complains about the neighbors and where they park their cars I laugh inside thinking if you only knew. Every time he complains about the way he was treated at any of his jobs as a DJ, my laugh gets a little stronger.  The more he doesn’t get it, the more I laugh at him. Yes I truly love my husband, but I laugh at and not with him on this subject. And the funniest of all is, when I call him on his complaining, he denies the truth so I leave it alone and keep laughing at him.  I know he’ll be alright though, I just have to set an seriously strong example.  

Everything in my life I don’t find humor or content in is motivation to change things, not to whine more and more (ladies and gentlemen, that includes your relationships).  My husband hasn’t figured that out yet, so I guess it’s solely up to me to make sure we get into a four car garage home where we can park without competition.  It’s up to me to make sure my son goes to the best school money can buy.  It’s up to me to make sure my neighborhood is not an ignorance infested war zone. Everything in MY life is up to ME.  Nothing can happen to me that I don’t allow, therefore, I won’t complain.  I’ll seek the the things that will help me change the so called unbearable. Otherwise, I’ll keep my mouth shut about what I don’t like and don’t want and use those as encouragement to work harder on myself and my goals.  


Wisdom from Actor Danny Glover

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8 minutes of Words of Wisdom from SereniGy leader Mr. Danny Glover. POWERFUL!!

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