(Plug for the best sugar scrub I’ve come across in my lifetime) Ordered a mango and a strawberry scented homemade sugar scrub from Good Scents Oils. The box four days later and like a kid at Christmas I tore it open to find the most sweet aroma flowing into the air. Although I haven’t had the pleasure of using my new found treasure, I did have the pleasure of getting a hand sample from one of the sales divas (as they are called) last month at a business networkers meeting. So I already knew what to expect from the product, but it was just a sample after all. The thing that sold me the most about the scrubs is that EVERY scent smells just as it is named, no guessing, no nose turning. P.S. they have other great products as well, but for the body odor conscious, these scrub scents are the best.

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Give Yourself a GOOD Scrubbing


God’s Message

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The message of God never changes, its always been the same

Though our faith we’re always rearranging he’s always been there in love

Though through the times we’ve tried to appeal to the masses, the appeal to our souls he’s never exchanged

Yesterday, Today, and Forever more he’s been the same and will always be

Yesterday, Today, and Forever more he’s expected the covenant with his people to remain

Yet it is us who try to reinvent him

It is us who try to play him down

It is us who try to go against him

It is us who try to bend his laws 

It is us who try to ignore his authority

However, thankfully, the God I serve is the same yesterday, today, and forever more

His expectations quite simple, but his love a little complex

Strong willed, determined, strict, and bold, but loving, giving, compassionate and caring,

The God of this earth is beyond classification

Still his message is so simple and it applies to every one young and old

Everyone boy and man, girl and woman

Put no one before him, love him with all your heart, follow his instruction, keep him first in your life and look to him for your purpose so that he may direct your path

Because as most of us learned the hard way, our own direction leads to destruction, but God’s gift is eternal life

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